Hiking and Mountain Bike

At the Gravets, whether it is a stage for a touring trip or a star or daisy trip, where you put down your panniers and set off for the day, we will be able to offer you a discovery programme adapted to your technique, your level and your desires.

Alain, a mountain bike enthusiast, is there to help you discover the area on two wheels. By the paths or by small quiet roads, we have elaborated several routes (from 10 to 100 km) that you will choose according to your desires and your form of the moment.

Let yourself be guided and enjoy the green landscapes of the South of Gironde, between Bazas and La Réole, between Langon and Marmande, between the orchards of the Lot et Garonne and the Landes de Gascogne forest. Discover the lake of La Prade in Bazas or the lake of the 3 banks between Aillas and Sigalens, the hillsides of the entre 2 mers or the marmandais. But also the green way of the Canal latéral à la Garonne from the start in Castets en Dorthe and passing by Meilhan-sur-Garonne.

A GPS device integrating all the routes is at your disposal, departure and arrival at the Gravets Guest House, followed by a well-deserved rest by the pool or in the shade of the cherry tree.

“Even in the middle of the forest, you will always pass by someone’s house!”

Eco-Destination Landes de Gascogne collective approach

For the more sporty, Alain will show you the most beautiful mountain bike trails from Les Gravets, again with several levels of difficulty, but always for the pleasure of nature and well-being. Some loops can also be done on foot.

“The natural areas crossed may be private, protected or regulated.”

Eco-Destination Landes de Gascogne collective approach

Are you a group of friends who are hikers or cyclists and are looking for a holiday based on cycling and hiking? We also offer group accommodation for up to 14 people for your stay with table d’hôtes and a full discovery programme. Whether you are a works council, a large tribe, a hiking club or a group of friends, we are at your disposal to offer you a suitable solution.

Good practices

Preparing for a hike

To make the most of your outing in nature, leave nothing to chance. For your own safety and that of the area you are walking in, choose a marked itinerary, adapted to your physical condition, and communicate this to us before you set off. Ask for information and adapt your practice because here nature can be private or protected. You will leave with peace of mind, well equipped and well shod (it goes without saying!)

“Trackless practice”: trying it is adopting it

Minimise your impact on nature to better respect it, it’s up to you! In the middle of nature, make your practice sensitive and responsible. Your waste will go home with you and you will leave the environment intact after your passage. Be discreet to respect the fauna and flora and above all, touch with your eyes…

In the middle of nature, you are never alone 

In this forest, 80% of which is private and fragile, it is essential to respect the marked paths. Foresters, hunters and hikers frequent this forest just like you. Respecting it and knowing its codes will allow you to share its riches and benefits for longer. To avoid getting lost or accidentally entering someone’s house, stay on the marked paths and curb your creativity: the forest does not need new paths!

Don’t share everything, disconnect 

We all want this place to stay the way it is… To avoid it being over-visited, if you share your photos or your experience (for example, a race) on the internet, remember to uncheck the geolocation and only highlight the developed spots and marked routes.

To find out more

“Outdoor I love” is an awareness-raising campaign run by the Landes de Gascogne Regional Nature Park and the Ecodestination‘s tourist offices. Faced with the growing number of visitors to the natural environment by people who are sometimes far removed from the realities of outdoor activities, the vulnerability of the region to certain risks (particularly fire) and the increase in the accident rate, everyone can adapt their behaviour to ensure that they can enjoy their discovery or activity in peace and minimise their impact on nature.

Landes de Gascogne Regional Nature Park